Who We Are



The Guyana Nurses Association (GNA), is a Non-Governmental, Non-Profit organization which was established in 1928 and registered in 1930 as a professional association under the Friendly Societies Act.


The Association was first named the British Guiana Nurses Association but was later changed to the Guyana Nurses Association after Guyana's independence from Britain.

The Association has three active branches;


  • East Berbice (Region 6)


  • Linden (Region 10)


  • West Demerara (Region 3)

These branches are governed by a Chairperson and branch Executives.

Other Committees

In addition to the Executive Committee there are the following committees:

Membership/welfare committee: Comprising an undetermined number of members which will be charged with the responsibility of mobilizing members, overseeing their welfare and ensuring improved relations among nurses and other groups.

Education committee: Comprising an undetermined number of members which shall advise on all educational activities and the professional development of the Association’s members.

Social, cultural and fundraising committee: Comprising an undetermined number of members which shall organize and advise on all social and recreational activities of the Association. The committee will also be responsible for generating and mobilizing funds for the Association through traditional and non-traditional means.

Building and Home committee. Comprising an undetermined number of members which shall have the charge and oversight of the Association Hall, Florence Nightingale Home and immediate environment


Representation on Committees

The Association is represented on committees and boards nationally.  These include the Central Board of Health, the General Nursing Council, Linden Hospital Complex, New Amsterdam Hospital and Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.

Continuing Education

The Association executes several educational activities including seminars, workshops, and lectures. 

Social and Cultural Activities

The Association hosts social and cultural activities for nurses such as games, social evenings and concerts.

Contributions and Benefits

Every member of the Association shall pay dues (by payroll deduction or direct

payment) and receive benefits as provided in the rules.


   A. Any financial member of the Association who has encountered disaster or emergency                  situations may apply to the Association for financial assistance. 

   B. Disaster or emergency situations include floods, storms, fire or severe illness.

   C. Financial members may apply to the Executive of the Association setting out the details of           their case (need) stating the type of disaster or emergency and how much/what type of               assistance they are requesting.

Bursary Awards:

   A. Each year, the GNA will be granting bursaries to members’ children who were successful at           the National Grade Six Examination.

   B. Membership must be at least one (1) year duration and in good financial standing.

   C. Children should have attained at least 75% of maximum marks.

   D. Every year the Executive Committee will decide on the number of bursary awards to be               presented.

   E. When the number of children eligible for bursary awards exceeds the total amount decided           by the Executive Committee bursaries will be presented to those attaining the highest marks.



Important Days in GNA Calendar

April 7th           World Health Day

May 5th            International Day of the Midwife

May 12th          International Nurses Day

August              GNA Anniversary Celebrations and Awards Ceremony

October 24th    Caribbean Nurses Organization day

We are also affiliated with the following Organizations